'Rezzable' e o peso da RL

A Rezzable, empresa britânica sediada em Londres, é um dos maiores produtores de conteúdos em Second Life.

Tem no seu curriculum espaços como Greenies, The Black Swan, Tunnel of Light, Crimson Shadow ou The Garden of Delights.

Maioritariamente associada a projectos de entretenimento, arte e experimentação, deixa, por onde passa, a marca subtil de um entendimento particular de Second Life: o constante desafio dos limites do metaverse numa manifestação de libertação face ao inexorável peso da... realidade!

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Naima aya disse...

bem vou repetir palavras já faladas de parte deste conteudo da tão afamada rezzable em Black Swan.

"Of the many rounds that I have on Second life, there is one place in particular I would like to make a special mention, Black Swan - Follow the path. This "Gift” prepared by the talented ”, Rezzable which is nothing more that 30 SIMs (with their own themes). I’ve read many articles over the blogosphere and few make mention of the project itself that is the Black Swan, say, its true meaning and spirit.

In my sincere opinion, Black Swan is a utopia of "path of life" with all its representations "visual" than is life, the two problems, its bad side dark and clear the love is at the centre (this is the physical arrangement of items on the Black Swan Island and a clear reality that goes beyond virtual reality) and a huge skybox that portrays the memories of a lifetime.

This is a real proclamation of art in its purest meaning where nothing was built at random and each statue, each item speaks for itself and complements all this wonderful content that is Black Swan.

Surely, that for me, this is the place on Second life that deserves one of my best wishes and votes.

I mean no other place inspire me as Black Swan, and there I can truly find myself, and be in peace.

For fashion creators check out this link Black Swan Inspires The Most Talented In The SL Fashion World

And see my best shots there at “Black Swan – Follow the Path”

* Black Swan meaning - In Nassim Nicholas Taleb's definition, a black swan is a large-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare event beyond the realm of normal expectations."

Entretanto está a ocorrer em background uma discussão sobre o que a rezzable quer fazer pelo menos para já em black swan segundo percebi o conteuodo da noticia.

"-Tracking the news about Black Swan http://www.the-avastar.com/the-avastar/archive/2008/july/article/rezzable-with-a-price/

This is my argument:

"Black Swan with a payment access???? NO WAY, one of my favorites places on SL where the 3D virtual world meets the real art in a huge company that is rezzable, that have more places to "collect" lindens with all their business in-world :/ pretty sad attitude, IT'S NOT FOR THE BLODDY 199l$, what a pity, I think I had to stop going there, since I don't see necessary to pay to visit.

I pay to acquire something not just to complete my Teleport to there. Sure they are free to do what ever they want to do, since it's their SIM, but in my opinion BLACK SWAN will loose all the "bright" and possibly can became a "phantom" place.

I will have to change my post http://slcoolmag.blogspot.com/2008/06/black-swan-follow-path-by-rezzable.html and wait my readers insult because it's doesn't make sense. I thinking if every one start restrict access to other SIM's by payment even with a bloody HUD.

But of course, this is my special opinion.""