O Programa da 'Semana Portuguesa'

A 'Semana Portuguesa' continua na ilha da revista SL'ang Life em Second Life até 10 de Junho!

O programa é variado:

> 07 Jun (a partir das 22:00, Library):

'Portuguese University Researchers in Second Life'

Micaela Korobase (UTAD), "Presentation on teaching SLS language inworld"

La Johin (Aveiro University) - "An inclusive space for Third Age"

PalUP Ling, Dorothy Maggs (University of Oporto) - "Boxes from Oporto"

Cleo Bekkers (Aveiro University) - "Teaching & Learning in SL - What interactions?"

> 08 Jun:

'Portuguese Creators Presentations'

22:30: Beta Technologies by Gwyneth Llewelyn (SLang Life Library)

23:00: Babel Project ("Cross to the future" by Babel Team) (SLang Life Library)

23:30: Annah Withfield fashion show (SLang Life Catwalk)

> 09 Jun (a partir das 22:00, Library):

'Portuguese Sims Presentations'

Santa Maria and São Jorge, by Marina Xi

Portucalis ("From friends to friends"), by Winter Wardhani

Portugal Center, by Leonor Abramovic

Utopia Portugal, by Nyne Wolfe

Portugal Main Land Portuguese State, by Nuno Chapman

> 10 Jun (a partir das 23:00, Plaza):

Closing Concert by Portuguese musician Orangelife Holmer

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